Planning a trip can be very easy, you just have to learn some basic tricks and do some good research to choose the best options!

What are the 10 best travel apps to have on your mobile?

There are apps to compare prices, choose the best flights, rent a car, transfers, the coolest hotels at the most affordable rates, split bills on trips with friends, buy tickets to attractions, museums, and events, as well as know what to say and communicate in languages you don’t master.

For this, there are travel apps on Google‘s or Apple‘s app stores.

For your trip, we suggest these 10 best travel apps to have on your mobile:

For flights, car and train travel

Book flights, hotels, trains & rental cars anywhere in the world in just seconds.

Get real-time flight updates, travel info, exclusive deals, and 30% more Trip Coins only on the app!


Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel guidance platform, helps hundreds of millions of people each month become better travelers, from planning to booking to taking a trip.

View deals on Tripadvisor

Here you have more than 934 million reviews and opinions of nearly 8 million businesses.

So you can turn to Tripadvisor to find deals on accommodations, book experiences, reserve tables at delicious restaurants, and discover great places nearby. 

For lodging


Booking is one of the world’s biggest references for finding deals on hotels, houses, apartments, and more.

From cozy country houses to modern apartments in the city, choose what you like best at prices that are most convenient for you!


Hostelworld is a leading brand for millennials and other budget-conscious travelers seeking adventure and a social travel experience.

Enabling you, as a traveler, to experience new places and meet new people in a fun, memorable, and safe way; empowered by travel know-how curated by a passionate community of like-minded travelers and hosts.

In finance, we use everything that can simplify our lives!

XE Currency

Check live mid-market rates in the Xe – Currency Converter & Global Money Transfers (IOS version), receive the send rate when transferring money overseas, and track your money transfer. No need to waste time anywhere else.

Are you sending money to another country? With the Xe app, you can do it in one quick process.


Splitwise (IOS version) is the easiest way to share expenses with friends and family and stop stressing about “who owes who.” 

Millions of people around the world use Splitwise to organize group bills for households, trips, and more.

Reduce the stress and awkwardness that money places on your most important relationships.

In entertainment, always have something to do!

Amazon Prime Video

The most trendy!

Get all the news!, the best trips, hotels and experiences

The best deals on car rental