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Ghent: uma das cidades mais coloridas da Bélgica
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Ghent: one of the most colorful cities in Belgium

Flanders’ hidden gem, Ghent was for a long time one of the wealthiest and most prosperous cities in northern Europe. It has an opera house, several museums, centuries-old churches, and numerous bridges that cross the two rivers, Leie and Scheldt, which wind through the city. When talking about Belgium, there are many things that come to mind: beer, waffles, cheese, …

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Carnival – Cheap Vacations

The best Flights and Accommodation to enjoy Carnival 2022 It will not be this year that Carnival will be celebrated in the traditional way. For the second year in a row, after the WHO declared the Covid-19 pandemic, on March 11, 2020, many carnival blocks, parades, and other festivities were canceled, but be sure to enjoy the big weekend. Check …

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The best brunches in central Portugal

In buffet, à la carte or menu mode, these are the best brunches in the center of Portugal. Leiria has restaurants with great food (You can check it here!), but the center of Portugal is not just left with traditional dishes. We are also masters of eggs, pancakes, and toast. We present a list of the best brunches: The best …

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Nazaré and the Giant Waves

A giant wave surfed at Praia do Norte by Garrett McNamara, in 2011, made Nazaré one of the most visited places in Portugal. With more than 30 meters high, the wave made the fishing town even more touristy. Nazaré village Nazaré is much sought after by surfers, photographers, and tourists from all over the world. Whether for the famous Praia …

Os 10 destinos da lista de desejos de qualquer viajante! | Bali

Top 10 destinations on any traveler’s bucket list!

The top 10 destinations on any traveler’s bucket list! Every year TripAdvisor selects the best destinations in the world, those that are on every travel lover’s bucket list. Here they are: the TOP 10 destinations on any traveler’s wish list! We have already visited some of these awesome destinations, others are still here on the list, waiting for the next …