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SPARK: My invisible braces

I had never used braces and had straight teeth. But, over time, I began to notice them more crooked, a consequence of the appearance of wisdom teeth that were here but unerupted. Impacted (or unerupted) teeth, a situation that occurs when there is no natural eruption of the teeth. This situation usually happens when there is not enough space for …


My Mammoplasty (Plastic Surgery for the Breasts)

Talking about my surgery can help you break some myths and make it more achievable, since many girls dream of bigger breasts, as I did. In 2019 I had my breast lift, my mammoplasty. Because I’ve wanted it for a long time and also, I had all the support of people who are close to me, and that helped me …

Método Caracóis Saudáveis: uma declaração de amor
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Curly Girl Method: A Statement of Love

Introduced by Lorraine Massey – -, this method is a declaration of love for curly hair. Curly Girl Method is a statement of love! I swear! After all, how many endless hours did I spend trying to make my hair look nice and healthy (by the way, sometimes if it was even minimally presentable I would be pleased!)? It’s …

Os 10 perfumes femininos mais populares

Top 10 most popular women perfumes

A Chiclete has done a survey of the 10 most popular women’s perfumes on its online shop in the last year. Below is the list of the best-selling and most consumed fragrances by our readers. 1. Nº 5 da Chanel Imagine a dazzling bouquet composed of flowers of all colors. The Eau de parfum Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere is made …

beauty healthy life

Method Renata França – The massage that disinflates!

Although the Renata França Method is known in more than 50 countries, it is still little explored in Portugal. Renata Françaa Brazilian beautician, is revolutionising the world of aesthetic treatments with a miraculous massage.     The Miracle Touch massage is very complete. It is known as an immediate manual liposculpture. While draining liquid retention, it models the silhouette, ensuring …