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O que levar numa viagem: a lista essencial para ir de férias
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What to take on a trip: the essential list for going on holiday

What to take on a trip? Here’s the essential list to go on holiday without leaving half at home. If you’re like me, have there been times when you’ve started packing for travel while doing head counts and mental lists, only to arrive at your destination and realise you haven’t taken something that was basic and essential (and sometimes more …

Usar a moda dos anos 50 nos dias de hoje | Style

Wearing 50s fashion today

From decade to decade styles varied. The way they dressed depended on the political, economic and social scenario of the time. Each era has its own characteristics. Let’s get to know 50s fashion? Wearing 50s fashion today? Those who like the clothes of the 50s like to wear references today. There are many cute clothes that give a different touch …

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, image by Pantone
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Discover the colors of 2021, according to Pantone: yellow and gray are in fashion!

Discover the colours of 2021: yellow and grey are in fashion! Pantone, besides being a world reference, is responsible for the creation and continuous updating of the international colour system. Every year, Pantone, releases a report, much coveted by the fashion and decoration industries. And why is this information so eagerly awaited? Because the company has assumed itself (and is …