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just a quick getaway!

Perfect weekend in Tróia

Tróia has endless beaches and is ideal for a few days with the family. We took the opportunity to recharge our batteries and return happily to our routine. I went with my cousins, and their families, to one of the little paradises that Portugal has to offer us – the Troia Peninsula. Before catching the ferry, we had lunch in …

Todos os caminhos vão dar ao Castelo de Leiria | Photo by Castelo de Leiria
just a quick getaway!

All roads lead to Leiria Castle

Until the end of July, entries are free. And during this month there are several activities taking place, including the historical recreation of the “Cortes de Leiria 1254”, which takes place on weekends. All roads lead to Leiria Castle. All roads lead to Leiria Castel and, the celebration of the City of Leiria day, on May 22nd, marked the reopening of …

Aguiar da Beira: Fim-de-semana em família
just a quick getaway!

Aguiar da Beira: Weekend with the family

Mother’s Day was upon us and the end of the second confinement as well. We found here the ideal time for a family weekend getaway. It is now possible to circulate between municipalities and even have a meal in a restaurant. The credit is due to the ongoing deconfinement plan, which allows more and more people to be found on …

Photo by Annie Spratt
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5 Historical Bookstores in Portugal

I love books, I love books A LOT!, so much so that there is always a pile of them here at home ready to read or reread.         5 Historic Bookstores in Portugal? After all, where can we find books as far as the eye can see? There it is, in libraries and bookstores! There is a …