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Nova Iorque... A capital do Mundo!

New York… The capital of the world!

To live the incredible experience of being in New York, prepare your trip in advance. There is so much to see and visit, so much to choose from and decisions to make. Going to New York for the first time is like being in that dream place we know so well, but where we’ve never been. The city is the …

Viajar a solo

5 tips for traveling alone safely

These 5 tips for traveling alone may seem basic, but they are easy to assimilate and, in fact, traveling alone is far from being the 7-headed beast that many people paint! So, 5 tips for traveling alone safely! Are you thinking about traveling alone but are you afraid or are you not comfortable doing it? As I said, it is …

Vista nocturna sobre o Danúbio

Buddha and Pest: what unites them is more than what divides them

It’s true, this wonderful city seems to have come out of a story of enchantment, especially when walking through its streets during the Christmas season. Is there anything lovelier than a Christmas market on a freezing winter’s night? Buddha and Pest: it is more what unites them than what separates them! We made a short getaway between Christmas and New …

Fomos de férias! – Punta Umbría (260€/pessoa)

We went on vacation! – Punta Umbria (260€/person)

We decided to take a summer vacation (in the spring), those holiday weeks of doing nothing. Those vacations you meant to just turn off. ‘’Where are we going this year?’’ – was the question that had been asked, for months, in a group of friends on WhatsApp. Several ideas came up, from going to the Azores, to taking a motorhome …


Rome: A day in the Eternal City!

Rome is located in the central-western region of Italy. Today, the city of Rome is quite different from the ancient city, founded nearly three thousand years ago.     At that time, it was not just a city, it was a powerful state that made Rome one of the main centers of the ancient world. Hence, the phrase “all roads …

Graffiti, London

London: things to do and where to stay

London: things to do and where to stay London has an indisputable charisma. In addition to being an ancient city, full of history, there are neighborhoods that conquer us for their beauty or simply for the vibrant energy they emanate. We give you some tips about London: what to do and where to stay. This is one of the busiest …

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just a quick getaway! traveling

5 Historical Bookstores in Portugal

I love books, I love books A LOT!, so much so that there is always a pile of them here at home ready to read or reread.         5 Historic Bookstores in Portugal? After all, where can we find books as far as the eye can see? There it is, in libraries and bookstores! There is a …

Arugam Bay Beach

Sri Lanka: a pearl in the Indian Ocean

Of the countries I have visited, Sri Lanka – also known as ancient Ceylon – holds a special place in my heart, it is a home away from home, outside my country and my European continent.     Sri Lanka, a pearl in the Indian Ocean: at the time, in 2019 (in 2020 there were no trips pour moi-même, as …


First time in Marrakesh

Morocco’s capital is Rabat and its largest city is Casablanca. Marrakech is located 330 km southwest of the capital – Rabat – is the fourth most populous city in the country. The city of Marrakesh has 1.5 million inhabitants and is the tourism capital of Morocco. It is a wonderful city for those who want to make their first contact with Arab culture, …