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The best brunches in central Portugal

In buffet, à la carte or menu mode, these are the best brunches in the center of Portugal. Leiria has restaurants with great food (You can check it here!), but the center of Portugal is not just left with traditional dishes. We are also masters of eggs, pancakes, and toast. We present a list of the best brunches: The best …

Photo by Brooke Lark | As nossas sugestões para um menu completamente vegan!
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Our suggestion for a completely vegan menu!

Vegan cuisine excludes the consumption of any food of animal origin. AHere we present our suggestion for a completely vegan menu, reminding you that, to adopt a completely vegan lifestyle, you should first consult a nutritionist, such as our nutritionist Inês Moreira, to make sure that this kind of regime is feasible for your body. From the vast vegan, organic, …

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How to set up a healthy breakfast?

Starting the day with a complete and balanced breakfast is the starting point for the day to go great and perfect. So, how to set up a healthy breakfast?? I’ll then let you know what should make up an awesome (and delicious) healthy breakfast. 1º – Have fruit present! Fruit is a source of vitamins and minerals, but also of …

Cheat Meal - Devo incluir na dieta?
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Cheat Meal – Should I include it in my diet?

For those unfamiliar with the term, “cheat meal” means “messed up meal”. This well-known expression presupposes that we could periodically have a hypercaloric meal (rich in calories compared to a normal meal). First, it should be noted that in these meals, the calorie intake can vary between 1000 and 9000 calories in one meal. In my opinion, the problem with …

“Faço tudo bem e não emagreço”
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“I do everything right but I don’t lose weight”

“I do everything right but I don’t lose weight”. I would say that at some point in our lifes, many of us have already heard or said “I do everything right but I don’t lose weight”… As a Nutritionist, this is what I hear most in the first consultation… So let’s demystify what might be happening, so don’t start blaming …

Método Caracóis Saudáveis: uma declaração de amor
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Curly Girl Method: A Statement of Love

Introduced by Lorraine Massey – -, this method is a declaration of love for curly hair. Curly Girl Method is a statement of love! I swear! After all, how many endless hours did I spend trying to make my hair look nice and healthy (by the way, sometimes if it was even minimally presentable I would be pleased!)? It’s …

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Method Renata França – The massage that disinflates!

Although the Renata França Method is known in more than 50 countries, it is still little explored in Portugal. Renata Françaa Brazilian beautician, is revolutionising the world of aesthetic treatments with a miraculous massage.     The Miracle Touch massage is very complete. It is known as an immediate manual liposculpture. While draining liquid retention, it models the silhouette, ensuring …