Introduced by Lorraine Massey -, this method is a declaration of love for curly hair.

Curly Girl Method is a statement of love! I swear! After all, how many endless hours did I spend trying to make my hair look nice and healthy (by the way, sometimes if it was even minimally presentable I would be pleased!)?

It’s impossible to count, but I spent too many hours trying to make anything from my hair, no doubts about that! So I was overjoyed when they told me about the Curly Girl Method.

I didn’t surrender at the first moment, it’s a fact!, but I read about the method and realized that, in fact, the solution may be there, like someone discovering gunpowder.

What is the Curly Girl Method?

In the Curly Girl Method, the hair is washed only with conditioner/co-wash or with a sulfate-free shampoo. Embracing your hair and its natural tendencies in the healthiest way possible!

And forget about shampoos, conditioners, creams, and similar, which use sulfates and other ingredients that kill the most resistant hairs.

Based on “Curly Girl Handbook“, from Lorraine Massey, this method is a journey of acceptance for those with curly hair, whether your curls are more open or closed, or your hair is longer or shorter. 

first order, 2018

The first step is to recognize the importance of healthy hair and realizing that the use of these products will help not only those who use them but also the producers and traders who bet on these solutions, mostly vegan and cruelty-free. This can also be a small contribution from each one of us to the preservation of the environment.


The principles of the Curly Girl Method !

  • Say no to sulphate shampoos
  • Keep hair dryers and straightening or curling boards away from your hair
  • No need for brushes and combs
  • Eliminate hair products that have harmful chemicals from your home
  • Don’t wash your hair so often
  • Do not use towels
  • Choose not to dye your hair

I don’t follow all these steps to the letter (I use quick-drying towels and dye my hair with non-ammoniac dyes), but almost! 🙂

Método Caracóis Saudáveis: uma declaração de amor | Photo by Laura Chouette
Photo by Laura Chouette

Curly Girl Method: A Statement of Love. How to put it into practice?

To help unravel this Curly Girl Method, there is the Facebook group Curly Girl (Method) Support Group International to help empower, educate and celebrate curly hair.

Here you will find content that is easy to interpret and that allows you to understand how it works. At first, it may seem like a lot, but then, in practice, each person adapts to their hair and their reality.

1. How to get started?

I started by reading the Glossary, to get a more comprehensive idea, then I saw some videos that helped me to better understand how the method works, I leave you with some examples:

Curly Girl Method for Beginners

The Curly Girl Manifesto, Lorraine Massey

2. And what shall I do next?

In a second phase, I analyzed the products I had at home. For that, I used Curlsbot.

I came to the sad conclusion that more than half of the products I was using on my hair were not compatible with the Curly Girl Method, so I had to purchase some products to start implementing the method.

I also had a reality check, after all, what kind of chemicals was I putting (voluntarily!) on my hair?

3. My products are not compatible, now what?

The ideal is to replace all products at the same time, but for those who find it too expensive, replace as needed. The results will take a little longer, but if you don’t give up, your hair will thank you and you won’t regret it!!!

The Facebook group Curly Girl (Method) Support Group International has an indication of many products that can be used, a large part is available in supermarkets and at very affordable costs.

In my case, as I felt a little bit lost, I went directly to a store that sells cosmetics and hygiene products, MAT (make amazing things). At Mat they have specific sections only with products compatible with the Curly Girl Method and, based on the characteristics of my hair, they recommended me some products (blessed girls!). Oh, and if you belong to the Portuguese Facebook group Caracóis Saudáveis, Método Curly Girl – Portugal, Mat gives you a 10% discount on products compatible with the method!

4. Dig in, move your hands, and adjust techniques

There is also a bit of trial and error in this process of adopting the Curly Girl Method.

From the products themselves to their application and the drying and styling methods, over time you will learn what best suits your hair type.

For example, my hair hates that I give it too much attention when I use the quick-dry towel. (I use towels like this, I bought them on purpose to dry my hair) and it loves satin scarves that I started to wear over the pillowcase. Each has its own fits! 🙂

What are the results of the Method?

I started using the Curlu Girl Method in October 2020, going to June 2021 and what are the results?

For starters, my bad hair days are still there, I won’t lie to you! But they exist on a completely different level!

The frizz reduced substantially, especially at the front, which was where it was always really bad.

The mix between curls and smooth hairs has diminished, with curls gaining ground a bit more every dayIn general, my hair is more hydrated and, with just a quick glance, anyone can see that it’s much healthier.. Before it was 50% frizzy smooth, 30% silly wavy, and 20% shy curls. Today healthy snails dominate a good 90% and only 10% have not yet been dominated (Give me a few more months!)

In general, my hair is more hydrated and, with just a quick glance, anyone can see that it’s much healthier.

For those with wavy or curly hair, stop being ashamed of your wonderful hair, drop the smoothing boards and the dryers and I swear you won’t regret it!

Try it out and then tell me how it’s going.

For more tips, take a look HERE! 😊



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