“I do everything right but I don’t lose weight”. I would say that at some point in our lifes, many of us have already heard or said “I do everything right but I don’t lose weight”… As a Nutritionist, this is what I hear most in the first consultation…

So let’s demystify what might be happening, so don’t start blaming your metabolism, your thyroid or your age.


“I do everything right but I don’t lose weight”? First, are you doing everything right or are you only counting what you eat for the main meal and not the extras you snack on.

So the first reason is: to lose track of what you eat throughout the day. If you snack many times throughout the day, you won’t be satiated and will have the feeling that you eat too little, when, in the end, you ended up eating too many calories.

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The second question you should ask yourself: Am I active enough or am I sitting all day? If you don’t burn calories, you won’t lose weight! Remember that you need to expend more calories than you consume.

3. and 4.

“I do everything right but I don’t lose weight”? The third and fourth reasons are related, which are sufficient water intake and functioning of the intestinal transit. Drinking at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day helps to regulate intestinal transit, reduce the feeling of hunger and also reduce fluid retention. Water is one of the most important factors in weight loss!

“Faço tudo bem e não emagreço”


Eating quickly is the fifth factor that may cause the problem as it does not give the brain enough time to understand that the food stock has been replenished and that you can stop eating.

By doing this, you end up eating more than you really need, which results in excess calories and consequently weight gain.


Lastly, don’t suffer from anxiety about the results.

People who worry too much about the scale tend to do worse. Weigh yourself only once a week, on an empty stomach and without clothing.

In this way, you avoid having to deal with weight fluctuations that occur throughout the day and week, which are perfectly normal.

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