Talking about my surgery can help you break some myths and make it more achievable, since many girls dream of bigger breasts, as I did.

In 2019 I had my breast lift, my mammoplasty. Because I’ve wanted it for a long time and also, I had all the support of people who are close to me, and that helped me to move forward.

I’ve always had a very small chest and a lot of complexes about not being able to have a fuller neckline or not wearing a dress without a bra.

My internet searches led me to a name with all the confidence in the world! – Dr. Ribeiro Soares – he owns the Clínica de Cirurgia Plástica Artlaser, in Oporto, Portugal.

I went to an observation consultation (the only one before the surgery) and the doctor answered all the doubts I had. The Dr. explains every step of the procedures and which methods he recommends, namely the type of prosthesis, surgery, incision, anesthesia, and so on.

One of the questions I asked, and many of you already asked me, is whether this surgery may have an effect on future breastfeeding. The answer is no! We can continue to build a perfectly normal life.

I left this first appointment with all the necessary information, a prescription for exams to be made, and also, very confident!

The next time I saw Dr. Ribeirinho Soares was on the day of the surgery, but until then, I kept in touch with him by email and WhatsApp, to schedule the surgery date and move forward with all the necessary procedures for the big day.

It is a simple surgery, with general anesthesia, but it can also be sedated (it depends on each case).

15 days before the surgery I could not take any medication that could change the blood (ibuprofen, aspirin…). And 3 days before the surgery I started washing my armpits with Betadine Foam (the area where they would do the incision) and the day before I started with the antibiotic.

first order, 2018

The Day of Surgery

I went very peacefully, with some tranquilizers (I’m always a bit anxious, that’s why!).

My surgery was at Hospital da Lapa (Oporto), as the Clínica Artlaser was under construction at the time. I had to be there at 9 am (fasting, of course) and had surgery at 11 am. At 1 pm I was already in my room.

When I woke up I had some drains. I was hospitalized during one night to monitor possible complications, such as bruises, for instance. I spent the night very well. I was always being monitored by nurses and with intravenous meds. Hospital da Lapa has excellent conditions and they are all super attentive and friendly. I felt at home. I had a room to myself with an extra bed for a guest.

The next day the doctor came to take the drains out and, I must confess, that was the only (intense!) pain I had during hospitalization. It took 5 seconds to remove the drains (but these were very intense 5 seconds! 😊). After that, I was discharged, but I stayed one more night in Oporto (at a friend’s house), as I couldn’t make a long trip back home right away.

It was not necessary to remove stitches as the incision was glued. I just kept with the antibiotic and pain medication.

My Mammoplasty | the incisions

The Surgery

My implants were placed under the muscle, as I didn’t have enough breast mass to hide the implants in the size I wanted. Only up to 180ml was viable.

My Mammoplasty | glands and muscles

With placement under the muscle, the implants tend to move away a little and it doesn’t look as natural, but I preferred to take a chance and get a little bigger breast. The incision was in the armpits and the size was 235ml (chosen by the doctor at the time of surgery).

In the first 6 months, the breasts are very swollen but then they return to their size and position.

The Implants

Dr. Ribeirinho Soares works with Polytech brand implants (approved by the FDA) of cohesive silicone, which means that if there is a rupture, the silicone will not flow through the body, as it is cohesive, it does not “disintegrate” – that is, it maintains the original shape of the implant, without leaking.

The implants placed (usually) are ball-shaped because the anatomical implants deform the breast when they rotate, while the round ones, even if they rotate, always keep the shape.

These implants are guaranteed for life, which does not mean they do not have to be exchanged. Once a year I have a check-up appointment to control them.

The Recovery

My recovery was not easy, I have to admit. I spent 15 days without driving and without moving my arms above the elbow. I had 1 month’s leave, but for the first 15 days, I was fully dependent. To get out of bed, to shower, to comb… I needed help.

This was my personal experience because I placed the prostheses behind the muscle and the process is a little more traumatic than the sub-glandular (over the muscle), it causes more swelling and more postoperative discomfort, as it is necessary to cut the lower part of the muscle that is inserted into the ribs.

In the third week, I started to be more independent, and from then on it was time to enjoy the dream come true! 😊

Surgery with the placement of silicone prosthesis over the muscle is the most performed and recovery takes only 48 hours, so don’t be shy!

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The Price

In Europe, in particular, in Portugal, there are different prices for surgeries that can range from 2500 to 7000 euros. It depends on the type of surgery and the clinic. But I advise you to do it where you feel most confident and not for the price.

When I chose Dr. Ribeirinho Soares, I didn’t even know what prices he charged, but it was also a plus – the surgery had a cost of €3500 with all appointments included.

I really like Dr. Ribeirinho and I totally trust him. He has many years of experience and I only had good recommendations.

Have any doubts? You can leave your questions here and I will try to answer them all.

❤And never forget to follow your dreams! ❤


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