Tróia has endless beaches and is ideal for a few days with the family. We took the opportunity to recharge our batteries and return happily to our routine.

I went with my cousins, and their families, to one of the little paradises that Portugal has to offer us – the Troia Peninsula.

Before catching the ferry, we had lunch in Setúbal, at the Tasca da Avenida Restaurant. The ferry trip, which crosses the Sado river to the tourist complex of Tróia, is beautiful.

On the bank there we found one of the longest sandy beaches in Portugal, 18 km long. The mild temperature allowed us to enjoy the first days on the beach.

Perfect weekend in Tróia  | Tasca da Avenida

Everything around is serene and beautiful. Although it’s not my first time in Tróia, it’s always a wonder that we have paradises so close to the city where there’s a beach, where there’s greenery, where there’s time for rest and good walks.

There’s nothing like a beach, pool, family, good food, and lots of chit-chats.

Every weekend should be like this.

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Perfect weekend in Tróia: where did we stay?

When we go abroad with children, we like staying in houses rather than hotels for practical reasons. There are kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms, which makes logistics much easier.

In Tróia, we stayed at the Soltroia lake Dream house, a dream villa, modern, well decorated, fully equipped, with parking, located between a lake and tennis courts.

Featuring a patio, the house has direct access to a garden with an outdoor swimming pool.

In this area, you can go hiking, snorkeling, and cycling.

The Atlantic beach of Soltroia is 700 meters from the accommodation.

Perfect weekend in Tróia: the Beaches

I am passionate about the beach and Tróia has great beaches.

The beaches are golden sandy with a clear sea on one side and pine forest on the other. We had a great time with the children.

Perfect weekend in Tróia

Praia Troia-Mar

Protected by the string of dunes that encircle the crescent-shaped sand at the northern end of the Troia Peninsula, Tróia-Mar beach is one of the most scenic because of its panoramic view of the Arrábida Mountains.

Praia Troia-Bico das Lulas

Still with Arrábida on the horizon is the first one facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Praia da Questa

This is the only non-concessioned and unsupervised beach that can be reached via wooden walkways from the Tróia Resort urbanization.

Praia Tróia Galé

This is a quieter beach, ideal for those looking for a quiet day on the beaches of Troia with urban characteristics.

 Praia Atlântica

Praia Atlântica is accessed by crossing the Soltroia tourist complex.

One day I’ll still live in a place like this, with a beautiful garden, the pool just two steps away, and the beach just half a dozen steps away. That will be awesome!

If you are not fascinated by this destination, what about Aguiar da Beira or, for those who want to leave Portugal, Punta Umbría, in southern Spain?

Happy holidays and enjoy!!


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