The western area of Portugal has a fantastic coastline, with extensive sandy beaches that allow for adequate social distance.

Portugal: The best beaches on the west coast, where the sea invites you to dive or practice water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle, and the like.

Not to mention the sunset as far as the eye can see.

Praia de São Martinho do Porto (Alcobaça)

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The western region of Portugal

The western region of Portugal is made up of 12 municipalities and is associated with a territory with numerous differentiating values.

It has an area of 2486 km² and 362 523 inhabitants.

Municipalities that make up the western region

District of Leiria:



Caldas da Rainha




Distrito of Lisbon:


Arruda dos Vinhos



Sobral de Monte Agraço

Torres Vedras

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Evidence that the quality of the water in this region remains impeccable and worthy of the visitors’ trust.

We made a selection of the best beaches in the West. Hit the road and discover the best of Portugal.

1. Nazaré Beach (Alcobaça)

Nazaré is one of the most traditional fishing villages
Nazaré is one of the most traditional fishing villages

Undoubtedly the most popular beach on the West coast, Nazaré is one of the most traditional fishing villages, where you can still find some women dressed in the traditional costume of seven skirts, taking care of the fish that dry in the sun, lined up on stakes.

The beach, completely integrated into the urban area and surrounded by the houses on the waterfront, preserves the traditional canvas tents with brightly colored stripes. Bathed by a normally rough sea with strong waves, it is ideal for surfing and bodyboarding.

To enjoy the beauty of the beach in its entirety, it is worth going up to Sítio, using the elevator that is more than a hundred years old that connects the center of the village to its highest point.

WHERE TO EAT: Restaurante Mar A Vista

WHERE TO SLEEP: Casa do Mar (50€/night)

WHAT TO DO: Private Tour Fátima, Batalha, Nazaré e Óbidos (107€)

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2. São Martinho do Porto Beach (Alcobaça)

With shell-shaped sand of about 3 km, São Martinho do Porto Bech is a sheltered bay, where the calm sea offers excellent conditions for children and for the practice of water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, and canoeing.

The village, founded by the monks of the Monastery of Alcobaça in the 13th century, had a great development throughout the 20th century, becoming a much sought after and appreciated summer resort, with numerous restaurants where you can taste gastronomic specialties such as the sweaty lobster or stuffed crab.

Nova Caravela Restaurant

WHERE TO EAT: Nova Caravela

WHERE TO SLEEP: Hotel Santo António da Baia (55€/night)

WHAT TO DO: Transfer from Lisbon with a visit to Tomar, Batalha, Alcobaça and Óbidos (125€)

3. Foz do Arelho Beach (Caldas da Rainha)

At the confluence of the Óbidos Lagoon and the sea, Foz do Arelho offers the possibility of choosing between two different types of beach. On one side is the lagoon, a place of great beauty, ideal for children, due to the calm waters, and for windsurfing, benefiting from the wind that is normally felt here.

On the other side, the beach is open to the sea, smooth and without large currents, offers excellent conditions for surfing, and has a Blue Flag, confirming the quality of its waters.

WHERE TO EAT: Restaurante Europa

WHERE TO SLEEP: Quinta da Foz (100€/night)

WHAT TO DO: Surfing Classes (30€)

4. Bom Sucesso Beach (Óbidos)

It is an Oceanic Beach located on the coast of Portugal, in the municipality of Óbidos, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Bom Sucesso Beach, also known as Praia do Vau, is located on the south bank of Lagoa de Óbidos, next to its bar.

The sand takes on an unusual shape coming from the east to the lagoon, where it becomes wider and goes around the cliff, continuing south for about 1 km.

The waters inside the lagoon are calm, except during the high tides near the bar, where strong currents may form.

Access is via exit 14 of Highway 8, crossing the towns of Amoreira and Vau.

Boat trip on the Óbidos Lagoon

WHERE TO EAT: Restaurante Rio Cortiço Lagoa

WHERE TO SLEEP: Bom Sucesso Resort (150€/night)

WHAT TO DO: Boat trip on the Óbidos Lagoon (25€)

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5. Baleal Beach (Peniche)

Praia do Baleal is an extensive beach bathed by calm waters, which offer good conditions for practicing and learning windsurfing.

To make the stay more pleasant for everyone who spends the summer here, there are also several tennis courts, swimming pools, a disco, and an equestrian center.

Dolphins Route

WHERE TO EAT: Taberna do Ganhão

WHERE TO SLEEP: Ride Surf Resort & Spa (85€/night)

WHAT TO DO: Dolfins Route (40€)

6. Medão Beach – Supertubos (Peniche)

Photo by Milo Weiler | Praia dos Supertubos (Medão Grande), Peniche, Portugal
Considered one of the best for surfing and bodyboarding

Considered one of the best for surfing and bodyboarding, both nationally and internationally, Medão Beach is known for its perfect, tubular waves, and is therefore also known as Supertubos.

The crests of the waves are so long that they create empty spaces, true tubes, which attract practitioners of these sports from all over the world, throughout the year.

WHERE TO EAT: Lola Gastrobar

WHERE TO SLEEP: KateKero (35€/night)

WHAT TO DO: 1-day tour to Berlenga’s Island, leaving from Lisbon (80€)

7. Física Beach (Torres Vedras)

Noah’s esplanade, at Física Beach, was considered by The Guardian as one of the 10 best in Portugal.

The wooden restaurant belongs to the luxury hotel Areias do Seixo, nearby, from where it transports guests, who are the majority of the customers. With striped awnings, one of the trademarks of the West, it is a beach worthy of a magazine cover.

WHERE TO EAT: Noah Beach House

WHERE TO SLEEP: Areias do Seixo Villas (1000€/noite)

WHAT TO DO: Mountain Biking along the coast (61€)

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Have fun and have a good trip! 😉


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