Chicken with sweet and sour sauce

Frango com molho agridoce
Yields: 2 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 35 Mins

I think I’ve been home, without traveling, for too long. Maybe, that’s why I’ve been betting so much on cooking dishes with a taste of Asia, of the sun, the beach and the sea, with good energy and lots of joooyyyyyyyy! 

Generally, I don’t go to the spiciest dishes, because my palate is too weak and I can’t take much 😅 so, in this case, I went for the sweet and sour, with just a pinch of pepper: a chicken with sweet and sour sauce. Ah, this chicken with sweet and sour sauce covered a bowl of delicious basmati rice and, beautiful people of my heart!, I just felt sorry for not having a bigger stomach to eat it all at once. 😬arroz basmati com frango com molho agricoce
The amount I give you here is for 2 people (in my case, it served 2 meals) and, if you have dinner with friends or if your family is bigger, just adjust the quantities et voilá!, there you have chicken with sweet and sour sauce and basmati rice for lunch or dinner time!
And, to be honest, you don’t even need to be a great chef (I am, more often than I care to admit, a little disaster in the kitchen) to serve this dish that will make everyone’s mouth water.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!
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  • For the sauce


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  • Heat a non-stick skillet with a drizzle of olive oil and grill the chicken. Season with salt and pepper while cooking.
  • When the chicken starts to brown, add the onion and peppers. Bring to medium heat, cover, and start preparing the sauce.
  • For the sauce: Start by mixing the cornstarch with vinegar. Add tomato paste, honey, soy sauce, and orange juice.
  • Cover the chicken with this sauce and cook until it thickens.
  • In the end, add, to your liking, the chives (I chose not to add the chives) and the sesame seeds.
  • You can accompany this wonderful chicken with basmati rice, which you can find here:


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