Rome is located in the central-western region of Italy. Today, the city of Rome is quite different from the ancient city, founded nearly three thousand years ago.


At that time, it was not just a city, it was a powerful state that made Rome one of the main centers of the ancient world. Hence, the phrase “all roads lead to Rome” is used. See how to spend an awesome day in the Eternal City.

The official language of Italy is Italian, but many people speak English in the most touristic cities, namely Rome. Italian is a very understandable language for most Portuguese as it is also of Latin origin.

To be prepared to speak the basics in hotels or restaurants, I’ll leave you a few words in Italian:

Hello/Goodbye – Ciao

Thank you – Grazie

Excuse me – Scusi

Yes – Si

No – No


Rome: A day in the Eternal City! Why Eternal City?

In ancient Rome that was how they affectionately referred to the city, legend has it that the Romans believed that, no matter what happened, Rome would never cease to exist. And it seems they were right. Between collapses and wars, the fall of the empire, decay, and invasions, the city of Rome is still there, incredibly beautiful and attracting millions of tourists from all over the world.

Rome: A day in the Eternal City!
The city of Rome is incredibly beautiful and attracts millions of tourists.


Rome: A day in the Eternal City! How to get cheap travel to Rome?

There are airlines with very affordable prices, both from Lisbon and Porto, to Rome Ciampino (CIA) and the duration is about 3 hours.

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In May, Ryanair offers cheap flights, departing from Lisbon, at around €25. As in Portugal, the temperature in Rome is pleasant most of the year. The mildest times, when it is neither too hot nor too cold, are spring, late summer, and autumn.

In May and June, the days are sunny with a pleasant breeze. It is the ideal time to walk around the city and visit the beautiful monuments. In June, Ryanair has flights from Porto to Rome at 32€.

I traveled to Rome in July, the hottest time when temperatures can fluctuate between 29 and 33 degrees. As most of the monuments are outdoors, I advise you to always have hats, sunscreen, and water with you. To travel at this time, assess how much you can withstand the heat or not.

It’s hard to keep up with all the airlines’ promotions to get the cheapest option. The tip I give is to access an airline ticket comparator, like or Momondo, that does a search across all airlines. This saves them from entering each company’s website and doing several different searches.

In the comparator, we put the date of travel, the departure and arrival airport, and it shows all available options. I always use, é seguro e apresenta ótimos resultados. Desta forma, podem poupar muito na compra das vossas viagens, sejam elas para Roma ou para outro local.

Quando têm a opção de viajar em qualquer altura, sem datas muito apertadas, aconselho a que utilizem o motor de busca de voos do Google, que diz quais as datas mais baratas para viajar para determinado local. Utilizem o calendário interativo e o gráfico para procurar os melhores preços.

When you have the option to travel at any time, without too tight dates, I advise you to use Google flight search engine, which tells you the cheapest dates to travel to a particular location. Use the interactive calendar and chart to find the best prices.


Rome: A day in the Eternal City! What to visit?

We knew that a day in Rome was too little, but we were going to travel to Athens (Greece) and our flight had a 15-hour layover in Rome, so we decided to make the best use of this time and get to know one more city. It was possible to visit its main monuments and take some pictures.

Rome: A day in the Eternal City!? If you also only have one day to be in Rome, get your legs ready, and go a few miles through the eternal city.

I’ll leave you some tips for attractions in Rome to visit in just one day.



This is the most important monument in the Italian capital. There are no doubts!

The biggest and most famous symbol of the Roman Empire. The coliseum was a huge amphitheater used for fighting between gladiators or between gladiators and wild animals. Its construction began in 72 AD by order of Emperor Flavius Vespasiano.

Buy a ticket to visit the Coliseum, which includes a tour of the Roman Forum.


Roman Forum

Walking through the Roman Forum is like being in the heart of the Roman Empire.

For centuries this was the center of Roman power and public life. This was where ceremonies, elections, public speeches, criminal cases, and commercial matters took place.

After this walk through the forum, we continued to give our legs no rest and walked another 15 minutes to the Pantheon.

Before visiting the monument, we took the opportunity to rest and catch our breath. In this area, there are several restaurants and we had lunch there. We wanted to try the real Italian pizza and the options are plenty. Choose the restaurant that stands out the most and enjoy the terraces.

Roma: Um dia na Cidade Eterna!
Walking through the Roman Forum is like being in the heart of the Roman Empire.



The Pantheon is the best-preserved monument in ancient Rome.

It was built in 27 BC. It was the “Temple of all Gods” and in 609 AD it was transformed into a Catholic Church. In it there are masses and celebrations every day.

Inside the Pantheon are the tombs of Kings Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I and the famous painter Raffaello Sanzio.

Admission is free, be sure to visit.


Fontana di Trevi

At 650 meters is the famous Fontana di Trevi which, obviously, could not be missed on our itinerary.

It is also one of the city’s icons and is always full of tourists, even though it was currently undergoing restoration work. The fountain was empty and fenced off. Needless to say, it was a letdown when we got there and saw this scene. It was not even possible for us to make the so famous toss of the coin into the water and ask for a wish.

Legend has it that whoever flips a coin for the Fontana di Trevi, with his back turned, will return to Rome. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been back there yet. Initially, it was said that drinking water from the fountain was enough, but the practice of tossing coins became popular with the American film Three Coins in the Fountain, in 1954.

To do this, they must turn over on their backs, take the coin in their right hand and throw the coin over their left shoulder, without turning around.

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If they flip the coin twice, it is said that they will fall in love with an Italian or an Italian. If you release it three times, you will marry your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Roma: Um dia na Cidade Eterna!
Fontana di Trevi in construction works. It was a bit disappointing.


Where to stay in Rome?

We didn’t stay in Rome because we had to travel to Greece, but next time I plan to stay a few more days, get to know the city better, and go to the Vatican.

I present my suggestions for some accommodations that I’ve been looking at.

Within the economic segment, Palma Residences In Rome is a good option. For around 32 euros/night a double room with a private bathroom, internet access, and breakfast are available.

Termini and Castro Pretorio Metro Stations are both within 500 meters and provide links to the Coliseum and Fontana di Trevi in just 5 minutes.

The Vatican Garden Rooms, located 1.5 km from the Vatican, is an accommodation with a little more quality and refinement. With breakfast, Wi-Fi access, air conditioning, fridge, toaster, kettle, and coffee machine in the room, for a price of around 45 euros/night.

For travelers on a tighter budget, here’s Casa Simpatia Roma – a place to stay in a bed in a shared dormitory. For 20 euros/night with breakfast, the hostel is located a 5-minute walk from Vittorio Emanuele Metro Station, 1.5 km from the Coliseum, and 5 km from Vatican City.


Roma: Um dia na Cidade Eterna!
Located between the Coliseum and Mount Palatine, the Arch of Constantine was inaugurated in 315.


Should I have travel insurance?

To travel to any country in the European Union, I use the European Health Card, thus having access to medical assistance during my temporary stay in any of the countries. It is a free card, common throughout the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

To apply for the European Health Card, you can do so via the internet, on the Social Security website, or in person, at one of the Social Security and Citizen Spaces assistance services.

If you’re coming from outside Europe, you better have travel insurance, just to play it safe!


How does Roaming works in Italy?

When I use my mobile phone while traveling to another EU country, such as Italy, I don’t pay additional fees, ie Roaming is free. Your calls, SMS, and data services are charged at rates charged in Portugal.

Do you prefer other destinations? Then check our suggestions here!



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