I had never used braces and had straight teeth. But, over time, I began to notice them more crooked, a consequence of the appearance of wisdom teeth that were here but unerupted.

Impacted (or unerupted) teeth, a situation that occurs when there is no natural eruption of the teeth. This situation usually happens when there is not enough space for its proper positioning. As a result, I decided to go ahead with SPARK: My Invisible Braces.

The solution to correct my crooked teeth was to get braces, but not without extracting the 4 unerupted wisdom teeth. My process was done through two small surgeries (one that extracted the 2 wisdom teeth on the left and the other for the right ones).

Of course, the post-surgery is no joke, but it is completely surmountable: medication, rest, and lots of liquid food.

After this ’embarrassment’ was over, it was time to look for an Orthodontist (dentist specialist in the alignment of teeth or jaws) and it was Dr. Madalfa, from Clínica Santa Madalena, who introduced me to the invisible device, from the Spark brand.

SPARK: My invisible braces

This is the dream of anyone who wants straight teeth: you can’t see it and it doesn’t hurt.

It is used a minimum of 22 hours a day and it’s only retreated to eat or drink hot drinks. This method does not need monthly appointments to tighten the device, as I change the aligners myself weekly or every 2 weeks.

The dentist made a visual project of my mouth so that I could understand the changes and how I will look. They made some molds that allowed me to perform the virtual 3D for the construction of the aligners/gutters.

3D Virtual: before and after

After that come the attachments. They are like the fixed braces, but transparent and very discreet. This is where the device fits.

I put on the invisible braces about 2 months ago and it has been very smooth. I only needed 1 or 2 days to adapt myself.

For me, a great advantage of Spark is that it discourages me from eating on impulse – that cookie or chocolate that I chopped between meals – I get too lazy to take off my braces, eat, brush my teeth, and put them back on.

SPARK: My invisible braces

Maintenance has been very simple. I only go to the dentist if I need to replace any attachment that comes off.

I have a treatment scheduled for 5 months (very fast, isn’t it?). Soon I’ll have straight teeth.

SPARK: My invisible braces: I’ll leave you this initial feedback and when I take the braces off I’ll show you the final result, ok?

For those who want more information, contact one of the Clínicas Santa Madalena, which I highly recommend! It is a very attentive and friendly team.

I attend the clinic in Leiria and I am followed by the super available Dr. Mafalda Ascenso.

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My Invisible Braces: Questions I’m Often Asked

Is the treatment painful?

No. I have some (almost none) sensitivity in my teeth when I change my aligners. It’s normal. It is a sign that the aligners are moving the teeth into their final position.

Are there food restrictions?

No. I can eat and drink whatever I want because I remove the aligners to eat. It is recommended not to drink hot drinks while wearing the aligner, as it can deform it.

What if I lose or break an aligner?

I must wear the next pair of aligners.

What if I lose or break an attachment?

Notify the dentist and put it back in.

How much does Invisalign treatment cost?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the complexity of each case and the number of aligners. Mine cost €2600.

Should I wear a retainer after treatment?

The use of a retainer is recommended to prevent the teeth from shifting back to the starting position.


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