When in Portugal you shold know: there is nothing more important than a plentiful table, surrounded by friends.

Food and drinks come to the table, the conversation gets caught up, those mythical stories and jokes are recounted, those that no one else knows or understands but you and your friends, and the hours pass in the blink of an eye.

Hence “The 13 best restaurants in Leiria (and surroundings!)”, because whoever sees themselves in this description knows how important “being” is, the joy and friendship that solidifies in each of these moments!

And then, there are those moments when dinner at a friend’s house feels good, more intimate and cozy, while at other times we feel like going out, taking some fresh air, trying different foods, seeing people, socializing!

There was a time when we had these dinners before going out for a night of music and dancing and lots of fun (one of these days, who knows if we won’t repeat the experience again).

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For now, going out at night usually means going out for dinner and/or for a drink before everything closes and we have to go home very early.

Well, if our nights out are shorter, we have to make the most of it, right? And that means that if we’re going out for dinner, it had better be a spectacular experience and truly worth it!

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Most of our suggestions also have home delivery or takeaway service, for those who want quality food in the comfort of their own home.

The 13 best restaurants in Leiria (and surroundings!)

In spite of the circumstances, a large number of the restaurants in Leiria have been holding on and each one of them does their best, not only to serve us delicious and quality dishes, but also to do so with a smile from ear to ear. After all, if the experience is good, the customer will surely want to come back!

These are some of the ones I want to go back to, for the food, the drink, the friendliness, and everything that makes them on my list of the 13 best restaurants in Leiria (and surroundings!).

The list is not in any order of importance or quality, because each one of them is special in its own way.

Ah, whether if it is one of our suggestions or any other restaurant, make your reservation through TripAdvisor because in these more complex times, in which Covid-19 continues without a break, you run the risk of not having a table if you go directly to the restaurant without an appointment!

O 3 Trincas

The 13 best restaurants in Leiria (and surroundings!) | Photo by O 3 Trincas
Os 13 melhores restaurantes em Leiria (e arredores!) | Photo by O 3 Trincas

912 503 265 | o3trincas@gmail.com

Aside from sushi, O 3 Trincas (formerly Café Costa) is a tavern serving snacks, from barbecue legs, seafood, snails, ‘francesinhas’, ‘gizzards’, ‘broken eggs’, ‘woodpeckers’, and other appetizing things, including, every now and then, the best sushi in Leiria.

It is located in Arnal, in Maceira, and is well worth the visit. If it gets out of hand, try it in a takeaway, you won’t regret it.

Magna Carta – Wine & Food

The 13 best restaurants in Leiria (and surroundings!) | Photo by Magna Carta
Os 13 melhores restaurantes em Leiria (e arredores!) | Photo by Magna Carta

244 599 114 | geral@magna-carta.pt

With wines of enviable quality, directly from producers, at Magna Carta you will have the privileged view of the sea from Praia das Paredes da Vitória and the fish (and seafood) is fresh and wonderful!

Here, the art of eating and drinking is practiced, calmly – the much-acclaimed slow food! – and with no worries. Oh, and live music is not rare, creating a very characteristic atmosphere.

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Mata Bicho – Real Taverna

244 821 723 | reservas@matabicho.com

From the beach to the center of Leiria, at Mata Bicho – Real Taverna you can find everything from tapas to typical dishes, including pizzas and desserts… I get hungry just thinking about it!

It’s not by chance that the terrace is usually full, it’s that here you can eat well and with pleasure. In addition, Praça Rodrigues Lobo has a magnificent view of the Castle of Leiria.

Everest Inn

The 13 best restaurants in Leiria (and surroundings!) | Photo by EverestInn
Os 13 melhores restaurantes em Leiria (e arredores!) | Photo by EverestInn

920 554 060 | everestinn2017@gmail.com

The menu speaks for itself, delicious food, friendly service, a peaceful and welcoming environment at very affordable prices.

Everest Inn is one of those restaurants that give us an experience with Asian aromas and tastes reminiscent of hot Indian days.


911 934 404 | yevgensushi@sapo.pt

Japanese food, the best there is in Leiria: from nigiri and sashimi to gunkan and traditional combined with fusion cuisine.

The secret, in addition to being a chef with a hand in this art, is the quality of the ingredients.

For those who have never tried Japanese food, this is a good place to dive headfirst into these oriental dishes. If you don’t like sushi here, I doubt you’ll ever like sushi!

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Oficina do hamburguer

244 026 391 | oficinadohamburguer.vaux@gmail.com

Here, each hamburger is named after a mythical car and each one is a unique experience, now take a look at the menu and tell me if I’m not right?

Maharani Leiria

920 361 408 | info@maharanileiria.pt

Located on one of the crossroads of the famous Rua Direita, the Maharani is rich in typical Indian food, the space is very welcoming and, like other restaurants in Leiria (including most of those mentioned here), has an ideal terrace for the hot summer days!


244 028 302 | salsaparrilharestaurante@gmail.com

We leave the center of Leiria directly to the center of Marinha Grande for the already highly regarded Salsaparrilha. And why? Especially for lovers of tomahawk chops or Japanese wagyu steak – some as a result of the maturation technique.

But whatever you choose, you can be sure of one thing, here you will find food with great flavor and 5-star service!

Ao Largo

244 205 521 / 911 555 323 | aolargo.leiria@gmail.com

At Ao Largo (back to Leiria center), the quality of seating at the table with friends and family is distinguished, with good Portuguese food and some less conventional dishes. The friendliness of the service reflects this state of mind and the food too.

Let there be joy and appetite, they take care of the rest!

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Casa Porto Artur

The 13 best restaurants in Leiria (and surroundings!) | Photo by Claudia Nascimento
Os 13 melhores restaurantes em Leiria (e arredores!) | Photo by Claudia Nascimento

244 823 270

Casa Porto Artur or “Ti Abel” is the typical Portuguese restaurant, even daring to say that it will be the most typical in the center of Leiria, where there is never a lack of a smile (or many) and Portuguese dishes in Portugal style.

Oh, and here the prices are also very affordable!

O Casarão

244 871 080 | info@ocasarao.pt

It is best known as a space for parties, weddings, and baptisms, but the kitchen of this restaurant comes out with small culinary wonders. Here, take a look at the specialties of the house.

Cervejaria Joao Gordo

244 881 483

Restaurant, snack bar, house of a thousand wonders, the Joao Gordo Brewery needs no introduction! The beer is wonderful and if they order the starters to the table, there is a good chance that they will no longer be able to eat the main course. 🙂

But leave some space for dessert, it’s well worth it!

Papadoc Caffé Marinha Grande

244 568 882

Returning to Marinha Grande, we have the Papadoc Caffé. For a long time I used to go there especially for pizzas, but the truth is that the menu has dishes ranging from o spaghetti, tagliatelle, and lasagna to steaks and salads.

Take a look at the menu here and tell me if you don’t feel like going there?!

Oh, and they also have Papadoc Caffé Leiria!

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And that’s it, may you never lack appetite or thirst, because, fortunately, we continue to have many high-quality options, whether you have a fuller wallet or a tighter budget.

Now Discover Your Intolerances

For those coming from abroad to visit the Castelo de Leiria or our beautiful West Coast, enjoy these recommendations so that you never lack good food, good drinks, and lots of friendliness!

For other cities, in Portugal, Europe, or other parts of the world, try looking at Eatwith, one of the largest culinary experience communities, present in more than 130 countries:

Go, try it and then tell us how it went!!!



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