The top 10 destinations on any traveler’s bucket list!

Every year TripAdvisor selects the best destinations in the world, those that are on every travel lover’s bucket list. Here they are: the TOP 10 destinations on any traveler’s wish list!

Os 10 destinos da lista de desejos de qualquer viajante! | Bali
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

We have already visited some of these awesome destinations, others are still here on the list, waiting for the next opportunity for that dream trip that no one should miss.

Top 10 destinations on any traveler’s bucket list!

Bali, Indonesia

It is no coincidence that many nomad workers, including some of the best known digital influencers – such as the Portuguese explorerssaurus_ or their business partners mariefeandjakesnow -, choose Bali.

Os 10 destinos da lista de desejos de qualquer viajante! | Bali
Blue Lagoon Beach, Bali, Indonesia

If there is a dream destination, this is it!

The island has 5,780 km² and thousands of experiences, all of them unforgettable, from the paradise beaches to the mountains, where you can watch the sunrise, you can also go snorkeling, diving, surfing, and do other nautical activities. The food is great, prices are very affordable, and don’t leave without taking a yoga class and enjoying a wonderful Balinese massage.

Os 10 destinos da lista de desejos de qualquer viajante! | Bali
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

One of these days I’ll tell you about my trip to Bali! 🙂 I can tell you now that two weeks is really too little to make the most of everything this island has to offer.

London, United Kingdom

This is one of the busiest cities in the world, there is always something to do or a fun place to visit!

Os 10 destinos da lista de desejos de qualquer viajante! | London
London, United Kingdom

I was in London for the first time in 2009 and returned in 2018 because it is one of those cities that deserve more than a visit. I hope to come back soon, to experience everything I haven’t done on previous trips.

To learn more about this fantastic destination, check out our article on London: things to do and where to stay.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located in the Persian Gulf, the UAE is a federation of 7 emirates, some more conservative than others, and in all of them, the Muslim religion which must be respected is predominant.

The best known of the emirates in Dubai, more tolerant and cosmopolitan, where you will find a futuristic landscape that dominates the Arabian Desert. If you like shopping, luxury, top brands, and exuberant travel, Dubai will be your destination of choice! 😉

Rome, Italy

Coliseu, Roma
Coliseum, Rome, Italy

Rome is located in the central-western region of Italy. Today, the city of Rome is quite different from the ancient city, founded nearly three thousand years ago.

In ancient Rome that was how they affectionately referred to the city, as legend has it that the Romans believed that, no matter what happened, Rome would never cease to exist. And it seems they were right. Between collapses and wars, the fall of the empire, decay, and invasions, the city of Rome is still there, incredibly beautiful and attracting millions of tourists from all over the world.

To find out more about this fantastic destination, check out our article on Rome: a day in the Eternal City!

Paris, France

Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world, is also one of the main cold places to travel. The city, which is already beautiful, is even more beautiful in winter, but be aware: the tip is to bring thick sweaters, as the city’s cold is intense.

Ah, in the morning the weather can be cloudy, so leave the walks outdoors for the afternoon and invest in indoor places like museums. The Louvre Museum cannot be left out! In addition, in the city, you can take a boat trip on the River Seine.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Photo by Dave Weatherall | Hanoi
Hanoi, Vietnam | Photo by Dave Weatherall

Vietnam’s charming capital has managed to age with elegance, preserving the old quarter, monuments, and colonial architecture, leaving room for modern developments on its side.

Hanoi may have left behind many of its former names, including Thang Long, or the “rising dragon,” but it hasn’t forgotten its past, and proof of this is in places like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Hoa Lo Prison.

Lakes, parks, tree-lined avenues, and more than 600 temples and pagodas add to the charm of this city, which is easy to visit by taxi.

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Crete, Greece

Place where the king of the gods of Olympus and modern European civilization was born. Crete is a jewel of the Mediterranean.

It has a rich archaeological and mythological history that is reflected in its ancient ruins and cultural attractions. Soak up the enchanting atmosphere of the old Venetian port of the city of Chania or the fortresses and monasteries of Rethymonon.

The incredible Minoan ruins of Malia date back to 1900 BC and the majestic Mount Ida is reputed to be the site of the cave where Zeus was born.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok | Photo by Florian Wehde
Bangkok, Thailand | Photo by Florian Wehde

Golden palaces, floating markets, majestic porcelain spiers… the capital Bangkok is breathtaking.

Visit Siam Square or Pratunam to shop at the best stores, then unwind in Dusit’s European-style gardens. Thon Buri is home to the fantastic Wat Arun temple and in Phra Nakhon you find the Wat Pho temple of the Lying Buddha.

Oh, and you have to taste the glutinous rice with mango at one of the street food stalls, before enjoying the golden splendor of the Grand Palace.

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Barcelona, Spain

I would say that Barcelona is the city of arts: Dali, Picasso, Gaudi are some of the artists that mark this beautiful city.

Barcelona feels surreal, which is fitting, as Salvador Dali spent some time here and Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí designed several of the city’s buildings.

Entering Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia church is almost like entering the world of imagination, a journey that you can continue with a visit to Park Güell. Sip a sangria in one of the cafes on Las Ramblas while you enjoy the eccentric street performers, then create your walking party, browsing through all the tapas bars.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey | Photo by Stefan Kostoski
Istanbul, Turkey | Photo by Stefan Kostoski

When I visited Istanbul a few years ago, it was on business and I didn’t have the opportunity to see everything I wanted to see, but the whole environment is a unique experience.

Over the centuries, various cultures have added their imprint to this precious piece of land.

Today, you can experience these influences firsthand as you explore Istanbul’s mahalles (quarters). From the sacred sites of Sultanahmet and the 19th-century European elegance of Beyoğlu to the haute couture of Nişantaşı and the vibrant cafe society of Kadıköy, not to mention the football-loving streets of Beşiktaş, it’s easy to see why travelers say that Istanbul is not just one city, but several cities within one.

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