We decided to take a summer vacation (in the spring), those holiday weeks of doing nothing.

Those vacations you meant to just turn off.

‘’Where are we going this year?’’ – was the question that had been asked, for months, in a group of friends on WhatsApp. Several ideas came up, from going to the Azores, to taking a motorhome tour. Another solution was to return to the Algarve where we take holidays every year and we love it!

After several kinds of research on accommodation and prices, the idea of southern Spain and the name Punta Umbría, near Huelva, came up. The prices were much more appealing than those in the Algarve and the conditions were practically the same, even there on the border.

We decided to risk it. Punta Umbría was a first, we had never been there.

I did the research on booking, as I always do, I looked for an apartment

We decided to choose the hotel Leo Deluxe Punta Umbría. The price in Booking was pretty cool, but even so, I went directly to the hotel’s website, where there was a difference of more than 50€ and I booked it there. Considering the costs, convenience, evaluation, location, and extras, this seemed to be the best option. It was €571, 7 nights for 4 people and 1 child.

We booked everything during April. We used to go on vacation with this couple of friends and, in the first week of June, we hit the road there. Punta Umbría is about 480 km from Leiria, we got there in no time – 4h30 trip.

The hotel didn’t have many people, there were busier days, but it was quiet to walk in the pool or even go to the beach without any fuss.

Why Leo Deluxe Punta Umbría hotel?

Leo Deluxe Punta Umbría has several T2 or T3 tourist apartments for a family holiday without worries or stress. We always ate simple and quick meals (some based on sandwiches) and we were able to enjoy those holidays that allow us to read a book rested, have fun, eat, sleep in the afternoon or at night and take a walk by the sea.

Our routine was almost always the same: beach in the morning (it is 200 meters from the apartments) and swimming pool in the afternoon. The beach was very good, with large sand, clean water, a calm sea and much warmer than on the west coast of our country. So, it’s nothing behind our Algarve, on the contrary, we thought it would be a great competitor.

The pool was very calm until 5 pm. We realized that Spaniards have later habits than ours since it is daytime until 22:00. It has two swimming pools: one for children and one for adults.

How are the apartments in the Leo Deluxe Punta Umbría?

With lots of light and very up-to-date decor. Beds and pillows are comfortable. Two bedrooms, well-equipped kitchen (just missing the oven) and living room. The bathroom is spacious and modern. Two flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and 2 nice wardrobes. A great balcony for meals and air conditioning.

The reception is open 24 hours, where you can hire cars or bicycles. Staff also provide information about nearby hiking and cycling trails.

Soulmia Neuheiten

In addition to the outdoor pools, the complex also has a spa with a hot tub, sauna, thermal loungers, and hydrotherapy showers. As well as a gym and two paddle tennis courts. Therefore, activities are not lacking for you! We took full advantage of the padel courts, which we used to pass every day after the pool and before dinner 😊

What is there to do around here?

The coastal city of Punta Umbría it’s small and cozy. There are beautiful walks on foot and there are all services nearby. Huelva is 18km away. Take the opportunity to go there. Seville is just 1 hour away and is a city with a lot to see. On the edge of the Parque Natural Enebrales, this area of the Costa de la Luz is surrounded by dunes and pine forests.

We didn’t have any meal plan included, as we always had quick meals in the apartment’s kitchen and went shopping at the Mercadona supermarket 2km away.

How is the beach in Punta Umbria like? And the swimming pools? 

It has an area with plenty of swimming pool space for adults and children. In addition, the accommodation is on the first line of the beach, just across the road. The beach is white sand and the water is not too cold. It has an incredible sunset that took place around 21:45. There is the possibility of doing various activities on the beach, such as riding a jet ski, sunset on a boat, etc. There are also several bars and restaurants.

How to get there?

The place where we were is called “Paraje de los Enebrales” a natural park of Punta Umbría, with protected species.


We went to the Algarve and followed the A22 to Spain. From the border, there are less than 60km. There is no control or mandatory covid-19 test at the borders between Portugal and Spain.

The car park at the entrance to the hotel costs €7/day.

A vacation in style, with plenty of sun and an astounding price. In total, we spent €260 per person (adult). Including hotel, food, fuel, tolls, parking, and other expenses.

The suggestion remains! We are considering going back, who knows if we can’t find ourselves there. Good vacation!

Another suggestion is Aguiar da Beira, where we spent a fantastic family weekend!


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