What to take on a trip? Here’s the essential list to go on holiday without leaving half at home.

What to take on a trip? Here's the essential list to go on holiday without leaving half at home.
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If you’re like me, have there been times when you’ve started packing for travel while doing head counts and mental lists, only to arrive at your destination and realise you haven’t taken something that was basic and essential (and sometimes more than one!)?

Ah, and those things you take with you just because “maybe it’ll come in handy!” and then only take up space?

We spent our holidays with a suitcase full of useless things and those that were essential were stored in the cupboard at home! Going to a cold destination and not taking warm trousers, going to the beach and not taking a bikini! Who never did this?

What to take on a trip: my essential list for going on holiday (and beyond!)

It’s true that the important thing is to go, but going and taking the essentials and not wasting time looking for this or that shop is MUCH better!

So, I share with you my essential list to go on holiday. It’s generic and can be used for different destinations or durations. Just print out the essential list to go on holiday and, based on the type of trip you’re going on, choose what you’ll need. The ideal is to look at the list some time in advance and pre-select what you want/need for this trip.

Start saving your ideas

What to take on a trip: a list of practical holiday essentials


Document bag

It’s essential not to have all the papers scattered around and not leave half of them at home. Arriving at the airport and realizing that your passport has been left on the lounge table is like taking a bucket of cold water!



This set I suggest also has 2 pairs of earplugs! Is there anything better for those who have trouble sleeping when traveling?


Travel bag

Choose a compact and practical backpack that is not too big, it will be your companion throughout your trip! If you go by plane, in some cases, you can even carry this backpack at your feet, you’ll have everything you need right at hand.


Waist bag

It’s far from being my favorite bag, but it’s practical and allows you to keep everything you don’t want to leave in someone else’s hands close at hand, such as money, cards, passport, mobile phone… those little things that, if lost, would immediately ruin your well-being!


Backpack of 30 or 40 litres

For those who like to go on adventures, with a backpack on their back, trekking and outdoor backpacks are excellent! The size can vary, but I suggest between 30 and 40 liters, depending on your organization (and your little body!), don’t forget that you’ll be carrying it several times during your trip.


Luggage Organiser

Whether you choose the conventional travel bag or the backpack, these little bags are real organizational heroes, even for the most disorganized. And that’s not all! With these bags, you’ll be able to find space where you thought it no longer existed.

Soulmia Dresses

Whether you are thinking of going to more exotic destinations, like Sri Lanka, more cosmopolitan, like New York, more Latin, like Spain, prepare your suitcase to suit your needs! And have fun!

There are many other items that are essential when I go traveling, but these are the basics of the basics. These are the ones I put in front of me even before I start preparing clothes or accessories and they go with me wherever I go!

Good vacation!!!



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